Sunday, March 22, 2015

A cold winter in the Canary Islands

The peak of Teneriffe's Mount Teide covered in snow. Archive image taken from La Gomerea. ©

Canary Islands recorded the coldest winter since 1998

The Canary Islands have finally left behind February, the coldest month since 2012, and the coldest winter period recorded since 1998-99, according to the (AEMET).The average temperature in February was 13.5ºC, a degree and a half below normal. The airport of El Hierro recorded on day 8 the lowest maximum (16.5ºC) in February since 1973. As in the months of January and December, February has been a dry month. The average rainfall was 22.0mm, only 40% of the expected amount; however, the average number of rainy days (8) exceeds the normal value. The same goes for snow days in mountain areas. Except for Izaña, which was close to normal, all observations show the lack of sunshine was more pronounced on the northern coast of the island. Diario de Avisos
(Above report by Queenie)

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