Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yet another death in Argaga gorge

The body of a 73-year-old German tourist was recovered in the gorge of Argaga which is close to Valle Gran Rey with the help of a helicopter yesterday. The man had been reported missing when he failed to return from a hike in the ravine which is the most dangerous on La Gomera. It is presumed that he slipped and fell in diffult terrain, but a post-mortem is to be carried out today to establish the precise cause of death. There are regular rockfalls in Argaga any weather and the paths there are very steep, eroded and difficult to find and follow. Officially the hike through the gorge has been closed for years, but it is still featured in several guide books, particularly the older editions. Most rescue missions on La Gomera concern the Argaga area and the spooky ravine has claimed several lives over the past few years. Even the most experienced and very fit hikers have gotten into difficulties there. My advice is to avoid the Argaga gorge entirely, as there are plenty of safer but still challenging alternatives.


Ut på tur said...

I've walked this trail many times and I think with common sense and a little experience there's nothing dangerous.

Anonymous said...

OK, but I still think it is a spooky place, particularly when you hear rocks whizzing down near you. Further it is a desolate place and devoid of the many attractions La Gomera has to offer in other places. The locals don't like going near it, anyway. There are dangers there that aren't directly obvious and sometimes this place even appears to be inviting. Why do so many people come to harm there ?