Thursday, November 21, 2013

La Gomera rebels

Today marks the 525th anniversary of the most important rebellion on La Gomera - read more

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Anonymous said...

Hello! What a great blog. My husband and I were in Playa Santiago in October, just as things were hotting up as far as the film was concerned. We stayed at Tapahuga (our 2nd visit) and saw the arrival of the ship. It has been fascinating to see its transformation into a whaling vessel. We've really enjoyed following the progress, hope that you are enjoying being part of it all!
Also read with interest about the rowing race, we live in Scotland and were on Skye in September. We visited the Talisker distillery, I didn't know they sponsored the race. It is a rather good whisky!
Anyway, thanks again for writing the blog, it's bringing back lovely memories!! Annie