Saturday, June 22, 2013

Athlete circumnavigates La Gomera - swimming !

Gomeran tri-athlete Libertad Ramos is well underway to complete his circumnavigation of the island. He started out from San Sebastian De La Gomera on Tuesday, June 18th 2013, swimming to the southern town of Playa Santiago on the first leg of the long swim. Yesterday he reached Vallehermoso on the northern coast, completing the fourth stage on schedule despite the adverse weather conditions which saw him battling strong winds and high waves. He now only has two more difficult stages to complete to become the first person to accomplish the feat of swimming around all of La Gomera' s coastline.

Tri-athlete Lbertad Ramos from La Gomera (

Libertad Ramos has successfully completed the 85 kilometre  6-day swim around the island of La Gomera, arriving at the starting point San Sebastian today, Monday June 24th. CONGRATULATIONS !

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