Friday, April 05, 2013

Giant wasps nest found on La Gomera

Giant wasps-nest on La Gomera ©
In an old house in the centre of San Sebastian de La Gomera a huge wasps-nest was discoverd. The nest extends to more than seven metres (about 21 feet !) in the hall of the house. The house, which is just a few steps away from the post office, has been uninhabited for quite some time and has now been sealed-off by police until further measures can be taken to deal with the millions of wasps inside. What exact type of wasp it is remains to be established, but it appears to be a sub-species of large wasps that build this type of nest. They probably originated in Africa and have only in recent years begun to settle on La Gomera. They were previously reported from the eastern Canary Islands but are now spreading to the whole archipelago.
Update: The wasps were later killed with insecticide during Friday night when the insects were resting and when the road was devoid of traffic . 
The huge structure could prove to be the largest wasps nest ever found worldwide !


Jane said...

Hey, yes this place is incredible. I can't believe it was filled with so many wasps and that they made a nest that big! I have been fascinated about this place and even wrote my own article on it with additional pictures of the building! If you want to check it out here is the link for this awesome abandoned structure of the island Gomera

Jane said...

and now I see the update! Thank you!