Tuesday, July 08, 2014


...just in case you're wondering:
summer has been perfect on La Gomera so far this year. Not too hot and just beautiful.
So this is a good time to take a break and go in search of imperfection. 
I'm back in Ireland for the time being with the promise that I'll report anything important that might happen on La Gomera on this blog - if and when it happens. 
UPDATE 15-08-12:
Nothing of any great importance to report - summer continues quietly and La Gomera rests. Ireland is having a VERY busy tourist season this summer, by the way.
Meanwhile you can meet me at one of the places below:



Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your summer break in Ireland . Miss your la Gomera posts very much . When will you be back ? Kind regards , Anne ( from the Netherlands ) .

Willie La Gomera said...

Hi Anne,
thanks for your comment. I'm planning to re-start this blog some time in the autumn.